Next Generation Platform

NetBase, the leader in social media and customer experience analytics, introduces our next generation platform, delivering speeds 5X faster than other solutions. NetBase innovates at the speed of social, offering Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that uses best in class machine learning, deep learning and expert systems for intelligent processing and analysis of social media and unstructured data at scale. 

Next Gen Platform Offering Unmatched Performance

NetBase’s next generation artificial intelligence is optimized to analyze the full corpus of all data sources without sampling, to deliver the industry’s most reliable data with the speed and accuracy to make both strategic and real-time business decisions. All other social analytics platforms are simply not designed to process the large data sets or complex queries.

  • Delivering speeds 5X faster than other solutions
  • Quick insights and ease of use drive operational efficiencies and cost savings

The NetBase platform is always getting faster, see how fast it is now.


At NetBase, we understand the level of accuracy that businesses need for critical decision making. We’ve invested in building a next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that delivers. After analyzing 10,000 sentences comparing human sentiment classification against competitive AI systems, NetBase was 2X more accurate than any other solution in the market.


NetBase Artificial Intelligence delivers “auto-discovered” insights out of the box—including sentiment drivers, emotions, behaviors and more. NetBase also delivers the ability to easily facilitate user-controlled granularity including industry and or use case driven optimization. This approach eliminates the need for continuous manual classification and training/re-training like sample-based AI systems.


Even with millions and millions of posts, NetBase gives users the ability to drill down to every post to verify the data behind the numbers. NetBase Artificial Intelligence is transparent and auditable for easily verifiable results, giving users trust in the data to drive their most critical business decisions.


NetBase’s patented Artificial Intelligence engine delivers the most nuanced and accurate understanding through natural language processing at scale across 199 languages. Our platform does the heavy lifting of organizing observations and structuring them to help you synthesize and identify strong, customer insights that will fuel every aspect of your business.

  • Analyze millions of conversations at the push of a button
  • Recognize patterns in human emotions, behaviors and sentiment drivers
  • Reveal trending conversation streams and issues
  • Analyze by domain, gender, influencer, geo-location, and more.


Other platforms stop detecting sentiment after the basic sentence tone is identified. NetBase offers exceptionally more insight by classifying sentiment for every entity in a sentence. Our platform identifies people, brands, attributes, emotions and behaviors as well as author insights like gender, location, sentiment and influence in every conversation.

  • Employ human-like sentiment understanding without complex manual system training
  • Identify every person, brand, attributes emotion and behavior in each sentence
  • Fully detect the relationship between words and phrases to drive true meaning


We’re not just talking about your average sentence tone, but a robust language processing engine that surfaces and analyzes sentiment for every subject in the sentence. Accurate, out-of-the-box sentiment analysis immediately pinpoints people’s perceptions, changes, and the reasons behind each.

  • 2x more accurate than other analytics platforms
  • Break down every object in a sentence with entity-level sentiment analysis
  • Transparent analysis provides a sentiment score plus all supporting soundbites


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