Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

NetBase, the industry leader in next generation artificial intelligence, launches AI Studio, the first auto-discovery insights solution in the social analytics market, enabling real-time discovery and the fastest time to insights for ideation and innovation.


NetBase, the industry leader in next generation artificial Intelligence, is changing the way you think about AI with its launch of AI Studio, the first auto-discovery insights tool in the social listening space, offering real-time discovery with no user training to deliver insights that drive ideation and innovation.

AI Studio is the framework for NetBase’s next generation artificial Intelligence, where we continue to launch innovative, AI driven tools for insight discovery.


Other Vendors AI

User-directed machine learning systems that require on-going manual training and retraining

  • Need to know what you are looking for in advance
  • Uses a small sample of user selected data for training
  • Social media only
  • Black box process makes it impossible to audit when results are unintuitive
  • Makes you work harder

NetBase Next Generation AI

NetBase AI Studio is the industry’s first fully-automated, next generation AI platform

  • Unsupervised learning & discovery finds both the obvious & unexpected
  • Across all sources of customer experience data
  • Including social media, ratings and  reviews, and internal data sources
  • Transparent and auditable results
  • NetBase AI works for you!


AI Studio’s first innovation is Theme Discovery, which goes beyond term-grouping and word clouds and uses AI technology to link semantically similar terms such as “sustainability” and “environmentally-friendly.”

Each cluster represents a unique conversation theme- the relative size and transparency of each bubble corresponds to a sample data set and its relevance of the given theme. Hovering over a bubble will identify the post topic driving the theme.

Theme Discovery, the 1st of many innovations in AI Studio

Theme Discovery delivers instant discovery of themes to surface meaningful insights in seconds, with no manual effort required by the end user, for a true AI assisted analysis framework that saves time by producing real time insights with no manual training needed.

  • Automatically discovers themes from millions of data points emerging from topic conversations
  • Pre-trained on billions of documents
  • Requires No training- AI Studio does the work for you!
  • Generates deep and meaningful insights in seconds, saving hours of operation time


AI Theme Discovery can run on any topic or saved analysis to rapidly discover emerging themes from conversations around your brand or category, such as:

  • Emerging crises
  • Trending events
  • New ads and promotions
  • Reactions to media, entertainment
  • Rising influencers and sub topics
  • Vertical, industry specific terminology

Full Transparency To Trust the Data

Each bubble indicates the relative number of followers and hovering over it displays matching mentions. Clicking on a bubble or one of the summaries at the top displaces a side panel containing the theme’s key phrases, sentences, and sample sound bites to help you quickly understand what the discovered theme is about.

NetBase’s AI technology learns from this theme and creates a Boolean theme definition that can be fine-tuned, saved and applied to surface deeper insights within other topics and analysis, further empowering insight discovery.

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