NetBase Voice of the Customer

Don’t let valuable sources of customer feedback go untapped. NetBase brings all sources of customer experience data together inside one powerful platform for transformative business results. Analyze customer data from every source including surveys, focus groups, social media, CRM data, chat logs, support forums and more!

Analyze Data From any Source

Customer experience data can be found everywhere. NetBase Voice of the Customer uses next generation AI to deliver deep and actionable insights about your customer’s satisfaction, purchase intent, competitive preferences, and much more.

  • Analyze all sources of customer experience data in a single platform to gain actionable insights to fuel your business
  • Eliminate costs and human errors from manual data collection, cleaning, and organization
  • Improve business outcomes with a deeper understanding of your customers and their experiences

Break Down Data Silos

Creating a unified view of your customer experience can be complex and requires visibility across all data silos. NetBase aggregates and normalizes all customer experience data eliminating information silos and organizational misalignment. Seeing consistent customer experience insights allows your teams to focus on top priorities and drive real business results.

  • Break down information silos to improve business agility and strategic decision making
  • Align stakeholders on priorities with a single source of truth for all customer experience initiatives
  • Know your customer satisfaction scores and most important KPIs in real-time

Fuel all Aspects of Your Business

Data-driven insights are the core of successful CX programs, leading to highly measurable improvements in purchase rates, recommendations, and loyalty. NetBase Voice of the Customer delivers greater alignment and sharper insights for your CX stakeholders including Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Operations, and Product Development.

  • Improve brand health and respond to crises in real-time
  • Significantly boost campaign performance and maximize product launch results
  • Lower customer care costs and improve customer engagement and satisfaction
Reduce Handle Time

Dramatically Improve Your NPS Performance

Companies with NPS programs report 30% growth rates that outperform the market. Improve your NPS performance by understanding the opinions that drive promoters and what needs to be done to transform passives to promoters.

  • Get a clear overall read of unstructured feedback affecting your NPS
  • Know in seconds why promoters are promoting and detractors are not satisfied
  • Turn passives into promoters by knowing what specific changes can be made to positively impact their experience

Get the Full Picture Behind CAll Transcripts & Case Notes

Improve satisfaction, shorten resolution time, and lower costs by leveraging your channels for customer care channels to improve customer experience and resolutions by knowing the most common issues so you can respond effectively.

  • Get out in front of the issues by uncovering themes, topics, and emerging trends discussed by customers
  • Obtain instant root cause analysis so Care Agents have focused scripts to reduce average handle time and increase caller satisfaction
  • Analyze agent responses to guarantee compliance and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Measure customer satisfaction and share insights with the critical stakeholders to fix product and service challenges

Increase Sales by Knowing Why Customers Buy

Deliver better buyer insights with richer data about sales touch points and responses. NetBase Voice of the Customer unites sales interactions with other data sources for the most complete, accurate, and actionable view of the customer. NetBase integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Siebel, SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, Nimble, Pipeline Deals, and more.

  • Reach customers with personalized content throughout the purchase journey
  • Understand top themes and areas where expectations are not being met to improve the experience
  • Monitor customer sentiment to predict their likelihood to purchase and create targeted offers

Manage Your Digital Reputation

90% of customer buying decisions are affected by online reviews, making digital channels a key priority for brands to understand and influence. Leading companies that actively manage their digital reputation report elevated brand perception and higher sales. For a complete look at your digital profile, NetBase integrates with Google Reviews, Yelp, Bazaarvoice, CNET, TripAdvisor, Amazon, metacritic, Glassdoor, and more of your go-to review and forum sites.

  • Gain a real-time read of customer reviews that are affecting your brand perception and sales right now
  • Compare sentiment on key products and brand values to measure how perception changes with your marketing campaigns
  • Engage loyal customers and influencers to focus conversations on brand topics you’d like to highlight

Leverage Customer Forums to Drive Marketing Strategy

Customer product preferences can be a mystery. Customer Forums are a goldmine of user-generated content affecting customer perceptions and shaping the conversation around your brand, products, competitors, and the industry. Understand why some products are flying off the shelves while others struggle, so you can adjust your product and marketing mix.

  • Discover the most discussed topics for your brand and industry to maximize marketing and positioning
  • Track customer interactions over time to see how changes in messaging are affecting sales
  • Understand the root cause of dissatisfaction with your existing products and engage with authors and influencers to mitigate complaints
  • Use customer feedback as the valuable asset it is and use it to uncover key input for future product development

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