NetBase Pro

Keeping track of changing consumer opinions is not only a challenge, it can be next to impossible. Designed for collaboration across teams, NetBase Pro gives brands and agencies of any size a competitive advantage by combining the industry’s most accurate real-time social analytics with an intuitive search-based interface.

Monitor All Aspects of Social

Get the most accurate understanding of what customers are saying and sharing in real-time. NetBase applies proven AI techniques to analyze 300+ million sources of social conversations and notifies you of sudden changes in mention volume and sentiment.

  • Get to the right answer quickly. No need for manual data cleansing, and painstaking analysis.
  • Gain the competitive edge with the ability to analyze all of your historical data on your brand, your competitors and your industry. All in one place.
  • Know how your brand is doing right now with live insights on trending posts, most shared images, and most engaging posts across.

Make More Informed Decisions

Customer opinions and behaviors can change in an instant. Get deep insights into emotions, purchase decisions and every other aspect of the customer journey with 70% more accurate sentiment analysis than other social analytics solutions.

  • Achieve the most accurate consumer understanding across 199 languages with our patented next gen AI engine that reads and surfaces meaning from unstructured text.
  • Know top trends, and emotional drivers, as well as channels where people are active so that you can join in the conversation.
  • Easily measure the impact of your owned content on customer reactions and sentiment and drive more engagement.

Find Relevant Insights in Real Time

Don’t waste your time sifting through the noise to find the most meaningful social conversations around your brand. NetBase’s advance AI techniques are 9x faster than any other social analytics solution at finding the insights that matter most.

  • Generate reports that compare and visualize your data in a few simple clicks.
  • Get real-time notifications with all the information you need to take action.
  • Manage risk and act swiftly to crises as they can spin out of control and grow at an unprecedented speed.

Improve Productivity and Communication

NetBase Pro is designed to work in companion mode with our NetBase Enterprise solution. It’s a perfect solution for departmental users and non-analysts.

  • Intuitive UI eliminates complexity and surfaces meaningful insights at a glance
  • Discover and analyze trends in social conversations in real-time using simple Google-like search bar functionality
  • Share social topics, themes, analyzed and reports across teams quickly and efficiently

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