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Leverage the full flexibility and power of analytics in the Netbase product with global news media dataset from LexisNexis. With more than a billion indexed news articles and NetBase next generation artificial intelligence (AI), your time to insight is reduced exponentially.

Track News Media Mentions and Emerging Trends

News media plays a big part in your brand’s reputation, and when monitored alongside social conversations, enables you to validate emerging or dominant trends in the market.
Now, with NetBase News powered by Lexis Nexis, it is easy to see what news trends are reflected in social, and vice versa.

  • Track 21x news media mentions of your brand and competitors in real time
  • Set up alerts to be notified when your brand, competitor or campaign is mentioned
  • Correlate marketing efforts with the combination of news and social in one powerful and flexible AI powered platform
  • Apply NetBase’s next generation AI driven sentiment analysis to all types of data in one flexible and configurable platform
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Global Comprehensive News Coverage

Be confident you won’t miss a story, trend, or insight. Quality coverage from key news media sources from over 200 countries and 96 languages from 100k+ news sources and over 3M articles daily:

  • PR News including: The Associated Press, Reuters and Yahoo!
  • National and Broadcast News including: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, USA Today and more
  • National & Local News including: Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe and more
  • International News including: BBC, Toronto Star, Times of India, Le Figaro (France), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Die Welt (Germany), El Pais (Spain), Nikkei Net (Japan) Sina (China) and more
  • Business and Finance News including: Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance, TechCrunch and more
  • Sports and Entertainment News including: People, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report and More

Powerful, AI Driven Insights for All Types of Data, in One Platform

Easily track LexisNexis news media alongside social conversations all in one powerful, AI driven platform.  NetBase News, powered by LexisNexis, delivers powerful insights from news and combined with social, news internal data sources to give a 360 view of your brand.

  • Eliminate the need for multiple tools
  • Enable a single source of truth with consistent analytics and reporting
  • Apply NetBase’s award winning AI-powered sentiment accuracy to all data sets

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