NetBase Essentials

Small and fast-growing agencies and brands need a social analytics and intelligence solution that scales with them. NetBase Essentials is a solution tailored to their ambition and budget.

Identify, measure data and report

Social Intelligence that Accelerates Your Business

Whether you’re an up-and-coming brand or an upstart agency, NetBase Essentials social media analytics delivers a wealth of insights to drive your strategy, create differentiation, and win business.

  • IDENTIFY industry trends & themes, target audiences for messaging outreach, where conversations are happening and other elements to inform your pitches, campaigns and strategy
  • MEASURE brand perception, share of voice, change in consumer sentiment, owned and earned media, content engagement, and influencer impact
  • REPORT on brand health, competition, market trends, campaign success, crisis tracking, and overall performance

Simple to Use, Out of the Box

  • Whether you are doing quick ad-hoc research or an advanced analytics project, NetBase Essentials delivers the tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Take your insights to the next level by leveraging our professionally curated library of reporting templates to understand who is driving the conversation, what it looks like, where it’s happening, and how it’s trending and generating engagement.

Social Search

  • Google-like search capability
  • Simpler Interface
  • Great for quick analysis
  • Tear sheet, conversation stream, rich media grid

Advance Analytics

  • Detailed social analysis
  • Trends over time and audiences
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Limitless analytics filters
  • Full competitive and category analyses

Unparalleled Accuracy

Get access to the conversation themes and sentiment, and look qualitatively at expressions of opinion i.e. the likes and dislikes, attitudes, and usage.

Our next-generation artificial intelligence pulls out entities like hashtags, references to brands, and objects addressed as people. This is a rich resource for content strategy, consumer trends, and competitive intelligence.

Reduce Handle Time

White-Glove Onboarding

White-glove onboarding and the NetBase Certification Program offer the tools to succeed both immediately and in the long term.

  • Help with building your topic queries
  • Customized reports for Brand Health, Competitive Analysis & Owned Reporting
  • Reporting templates, learning path videos, and best practices guides for all your use case needs

Budget-Friendly, Designed for Growth

  • Expand analysis with more history or upload data like surveys or reviews
  • Leverage NetBase’s full AI Suite: Theme Discovery & Social Mood
  • Support integrations to BI systems, custom visuals, and engagement

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