NetBase Enterprise

Faced with millions of consumer conversations every day, wasting time to sift through the noise to find relevant insights is not an option. NetBase’s Next Generation AI takes you to the right answer quickly, without the need for complex Boolean queries, manual data cleansing, and painstaking analysis.

Protect Brand Health

Get the most accurate understanding of consumer opinions for you and your competitors. Over 80% of CMOs rate competitive brand benchmarking as a priority.

  • Analyze social data at scale and 9x faster than any other solution to know what your customers are saying at every moment.
  • Use geo-location specific analysis to understand your brand health at a global, regional, or local level.
  • Aggregate and get insight into brand conversations by owned, earned, partnered and paid channels.
  • Cultivate the most vocal brand advocates to build loyalty and expand your reach.

Boost Campaign Performance

Achieve your best campaign performance by knowing the winning elements and what needs to be course corrected to ensure a maximum increase in sales.

  • Analyze historical campaign performance, glean meaningful insights that are 70% more accurate than competing solutions.
  • Go beyond demographics and define your audiences based on behaviors, life stage, interests and much more.
  • Measure impact on brand sentiment, and identify sentiment drivers that will impact customer behavior.
  • Identify and track important influencers that drive engagement

Respond to Crises in Real-Time

Effectively manage risk and act swiftly to control the chaos, especially at a time when up to 28% of crises can spread internationally within an hour.

  • Benchmark issues by type to analyze and distinguish between normal fluctuations and emerging problems.
  • Prioritize issues by type and severity and fully understand the magnitude of each and determine the proper course of action.
  • Measure the impact of brand intervention to see positive changes in your brand sentiment.
Reduce Handle Time

Lower Customer Care Costs

Lower care costs by pinpointing the root causes of complaints and efficiently process as much as 4x the number of cases while improving customer loyalty.

  • Engage on all of your customers’ preferred channels to reduce inbound support inquiries.
  • Segment conversations and help route key complaints to the right support representatives.
  • Easily rank issues by number of engagements, sentiment and passion intensity to defuse highly negative experiences.
  • Humanize your brand by surprising and delighting customers by letting them know you are listening.

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