NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector

Continuous intelligence demands actionable data to drive your business. NetBase Quid offers a single source of truth for your consumer and market data enabling you to make fast, accurate, and data-driven decisions.

Faster Data-Driven Decisions

NetBase Quid embeds intelligence across your enterprise, facilitating quick decisions based on large amounts of unstructured data across a wide variety of datasets, not gut instinct.

  • Prioritization of insights – The Intelligence Connector enables organizations to weight and rank metrics based on a custom methodology
  • Real-time data – Your BI infrastructure always contains up-to-date and relevant metrics
  • Breadth of Data– Offering the broadest data set, including social, news, blogs, forums, firmographics, patents, and access to custom data, plus combining the data and creating custom metrics
  • Democaritization of data – Automatically refresh our data into your BI platform, allowing teams to pass insights to appropriate parties across the organization

Better Business Outcomes

The NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector helps your organization embrace data-driven decisions enabling superior results. The Intelligence Connector enables you to transform large amounts of unstructured data into custom metrics that track your most high-priority KPIs shared across the organization. Some examples:

  • Monitor risk factors across your global value chain, acting early to mitigate emerging issues.
  • Quickly identify acquisition, merger, and partnership opportunities to outpace your competitors
  • Prioritize marketing decisions and resources by leveraging continuous consumer intelligence

Maximize the value of existing investments

You already leverage NetBase Quid for your consumer and marketing intelligence. Expand that investment with the Intelligence Connector offering that will enable you to integrate NetBase Quid metrics into your existing BI infrastructure.

  • Standards – Open standards enable NetBase Quid to bring data to your existing environment.
  • Time to deploy – By leveraging existing data and applications, you can get up and ready on needle-moving projects in weeks.
  • Projects of any size – Our methodology, framework, and approach can tackle small and large projects.

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