NetBase Quid® Intelligence Connector

Continuous intelligence demands actionable data to drive your business. NetBase Quid® offers a single source of truth for your consumer and market data enabling you to make fast, accurate, and data-driven decisions.

What is the Intelligence Connector?

The Intelligence Connector delivers analytics-ready consumer and marketing intelligence to empower impactful, data driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce Months of Research into Hours of Analysis
  • Lower Costs by Leverage Existing Investments
  • Works with Enterprise Integration Platforms and Leading BI Systems

Data Streams at Scale

Data scientists require continuous feeds of data to create custom models and integrate data & insights into BI Infrastructure. NetBase Quid’s Intelligence Connector enables access to industry-leading consumer and market data on-demand.

  • On-Demand Access:  Query and schedule data specific to your use cases—whenever you need it.
  • At Scale: Efficiently process and transfer up to millions of data points in near real-time. 
  • Continuous:  Data is automatically updated and refreshed on an ongoing basis.

Better Business Outcomes

The NetBase Quid® Intelligence Connector helps your organization embrace data-driven decisions enabling superior results. Transform large amounts of unstructured data into custom metrics that track your most high-priority KPIs shared across the organization. Some examples:

  • Prioritize marketing decisions and resources by leveraging continuous consumer intelligence

  • Monitor risk factors across your global value chain, acting early to mitigate emerging issues

  • Quickly identify acquisition, merger, and partnership opportunities to outpace your competitors

Advanced Applications in Data Science

The Intelligence Connector provides AI-ready data processed and customized for immediate usage and integration into any custom data science models for clean and accurate analysis. 

  • Demand Forecasting: Predict consumer purchasing behavior based on purchase intent signals expressed in social media 
  • Trends vs. Fads: Distinguish between short-term and long-term trends, fads and noise within markets using consumer data.
  • Custom ML Models: Leverage large amounts of snippets of text provided by NetBase Quid®  that can be run through clients’ proprietary ML models. NetBase Quid can also provide its own proprietary enriched metrics to supplement the metrics generated through the clients’ own ML models.

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