NetBase API & Platform Integrations

Combine valuable social listening data with other data sources to develop actionable insights to fuel all aspects of your business. NetBase provides real-time integration with leading business enablement platforms to increase business efficiency and improve customer experience.



With a prebuilt connector to Zapier, NetBase Quid® customers can quickly share in­formation between NetBase Quid® and the library of Zapier applications. This library includes over 3000 applications enabling you to connect NetBase Quid® to almost any system without code.

  • Enhanced Data Coverage – Add more data, whether survey, CRM, Social Data, spreadsheets, or a myriad of other data.
  • Bring Your Own Data Automation – New rows in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets can be sent to a NetBase Topic, streamlining the upload process and further analysis in Quid Social.
  • Integrated Alerts – Notify your team through collaboration tools, SMS, or other tools.


NetBase Quid® integrates with Hootsuite platforms to deliver the most advanced publishing solutions. Understand conversations as they happen and respond instantly to deliver an incredible customer experience. Post content clients and prospects care about, and on channels they choose.

  • Capture all customer conversations across multiple channels
  • Segment conversations by issues that matter to you such as customer care, location, author influence, and more
  • Engage directly with customers to deliver timely responses and improve customer satisfaction


Applications do not exist in a silo. To get the most value, they need to be integrated. NetBase Quid® designed our platform with integration in mind. Whether you are creating a single view of the customer, creating alerts of critical social conversations, or enhancing your data, NetBase Quid® offers various options to help you get the most out of your implementation.

  • Upload custom datasets into NetBase via the VOC Upload.
  • Get alerts and data in real-time with API Integration.
  • Integrate with over 3000 applications using the Zapier connector.

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